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our company

since 2009 Provider Service Group has offered customized project support for clients in the healthcare industry through medical staffing, call center support, administrative and customer service  for I.P.A.’s, medical centers and provider groups on the East and West coasts.

our mission

we are dedicated to offering an outstanding client experience through our unique and customized services.


we give back to our community by hiring and training survivors of domestic violence and disadvantaged individuals in healthcare administration, empowering them to move forward with confidence and financial independence.

Hospital Corridor
healthcare staffing
  • physician placement  

  • executive placement 

  • relocation consultation

  • administrative staffing

  • traveling/ per diem nurse placement

call center support 
  • inbound calls, field/route, answering faqs, resolve

      issues and provide education

  • outbound calls; issue resolution, navigation and

       project based

  • help providers navigate insurance portals

  • setup registration and login accounts for providers/

      patients to payer portals/ auth portals

  • guidance with billing remittance and

       payment information

  • provider education (billing, contracting,

       credentialing, quality incentives and insurance

       authorizations etc.)

  • support onboarding new providers

      up-to-date reporting of call activity


  • after hours help desk availability


  • quality assurance representatives

Busy Office
IPA support
  • medical billing administrative support


  • insurance verification and eligibility

  • patient care and referral coordination  

  • outbound requests and management of medical records and quality metrics

  • outbound management of initial

      credentialing and re-credentialing        documentation

  • obtaining provider W9s


  • confirming tax ID and corporation information

Friendly Young Doctor
provider service group

Sonja Bilden

Chief Executive Officer

Cliona O'Hara Dos Santos


Dr Frank Dos Santos

Chief Medical Officer

Stay In Touch.

provider service group

718.701.5613  - New York

360.954.5752 - Washington

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